Why Global Affairs?

Global Affairs is a multidisciplinary major within the Social Sciences focused on global issues and global solutions. The goal of the Global Affairs major is to help students understand how our increasingly interconnected world works and how it could work better. The major equips students with the social science research skills, multi-perspectival and big-picture thinking, and knowledge of the international system needed to understand and address today’s transboundary challenges. The Global Affairs major provides an academic programme that is not constrained by a single disciplinary lens. Instead, the major seeks to ground students’ training in both international relations and international development, recognising that political, economic, and social actors in the Global South and Global North are tightly intertwined in today’s globalised world.

Global Affairs is the natural home for students interested in understanding contemporary global issues and challenges, and who seek careers that span national borders. Students in Global Affairs explore the causes and consequences of globalisation, international migration, international development, security and conflict, ethnic politics, human rights violations, and global governance. Through their coursework, students in Global Affairs are taught how to critically engage with and interrogate both qualitative and quantitative research on global issues. If you are passionate about making an impact in research, scholarship and/or in practice, then the Global Affairs Major is right for you.

Students in Global Affairs have a wide range of course options for the Academic Year 2018-2019

Semester 1 Semester 2









Required Courses

  • Introduction to Global Affairs
  • Methods in the Social Sciences

Core Courses

  • International Relations
  • International Security

Elective Courses

  • US Foreign Policy
  • Empire, Country, Corporation: The Struggle for Control
  • International Organizations in World Politics
  • India as a Rising Power, 1947-Present
  • Conquest, Territorial Expansion and International Law

Cross-Listed Courses with GA

  • Global Environmental Change: Anthropological Approaches
  • Medical Anthropology
  • Anthropology of Violence
  • International Finance
  • Contemporary Political Theory
  • Youth Urbanism: Global Trends, Local Perspectives
  • Urban Singapore

The strength and versatility of Global Affairs draw from its unique, multidisciplinary nature. Our recent graduates have secured successful job placements in the public and private sectors in Singapore and globally. We have Global Affairs graduates working in Singapore’s Ministry of Defence, think-tanks and foreign policy research institutes, consulting, mass media and communications. Some of our graduates have also won fellowships and are currently in graduate school programs in prestigious universities around the world.