Study Abroad

The Centre for International & Professional Experience (CIPE) at Yale-NUS is building a number of relationships with universities all over the world, and can help facilitate your applications. Check the list of options that CIPE has available. Global Affairs majors have spent a semester or longer at many places including but not limited to:

  FAQs about Study Abroad in Global Affairs

Jason Carlo Ong Carranceja

What I did in the autumn of 2016: Semester Abroad at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

Last semester, I took part in an exchange program with the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (PUC) in Santiago, Chile. I decided to study in PUC for two reasons. Firstly, I wanted to improve my Spanish fluency by studying in one of the most respected universities in the Spanish-speaking world. Secondly, I had always been fascinated by Latin American politics, and thought that immersing myself in the region’s history and culture is the best way for me to expand on this interest.

Maria Camila Posse

What I did in the spring of 2015: Semester Abroad at University College Utrecht

While at Utrecht College University (UCU), the international honors college of Utrecht University, I had the chance to experience Dutch culture in Utrecht, Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Rotterdam and The Hague (where I visited the Peace Palace and the ICC!). I also had a fantastic time exploring other parts of Europe, particularly Stockholm, Brussels, Paris and the Croatian coast. It truly was an amazing semester, and the timing could not have been more appropriate—I went during my second semester of sophomore year. While at UCU and throughout my time traveling, I got to experience first-hand a plurality of cultures and peoples that is very different from what I have seen in Latin America and Singapore. My semester abroad provided me, as cliché as it sounds, with an opportunity to see Global Affairs truly come to life through the people, something that is easy to forget as you power through dense readings. If you’re a GA major thinking of studying abroad, my verdict is this: highly recommended!

Mollie Saltskog

What I did in the summer of 2015: Intensive Chinese Language Programme at Princeton in Beijing (Summer 2015)

During the summer of 2015, I participated in an eight-week, intensive Chinese language programme at Princeton in Beijing. As a result, my language skills improved immensely. It is fascinating how a total immersion programme influences your relationship to a foreign language – by the third week I made my first joke in Chinese and by the eighth week I was already dreaming in Chinese. What took me by surprise, however, was how a language programme gives one so much more than just improved language skills. Living in Beijing for the summer gave me an insight to contemporary life in China’s capital and some of the locals’ ideas, hopes and dreams. This summer gave me many small parts to my puzzle – trying to piece together my understanding of China and its culture – and that is the biggest thing I take away from my summer studying Mandarin.