Job Placements

The Global Affairs major is designed to allow students to follow a career path that spans national borders. Our recent graduates from the Global Affairs major have secured successful job placements in the public and private sectors in Singapore and globally. We have Global Affairs graduates working in government, think-tanks and foreign policy research institutes, consulting firms, mass media and communications, to name a few sectors. In general, Global Affairs students are well prepared to go on to a wide range of related careers, including but not limited to: policy, diplomacy, international business and finance, development, journalism, or humanitarian work, and work at intergovernmental organisations (IGOs), non-governmental organisations (NGOs), public sector organisations, or multinational firms. Key Post-Graduation Statistics from the first two cohorts of Yale-NUS students:

  • 21% were accepted into graduate programs (all Master’s programs)
  • 16% are employed in the financial sector
  • 16% are employed in the technology sector or in start-ups
  • 11% are employed in communications, consulting, social impact/international development sectors each
  • 11% are employed in the public sector

Alysha Park (Class of 2020)

What I did in 2019

In Semester 1 of AY2019/2020, Alysha Park (Class of 2020) started a new part-time research consultant position with We are Caring, a Singapore-based social enterprise and migrant recruitment agency that seeks to disrupt the Asian migrant domestic worker industry by using a no-fee business model for migrant workers. She is writing a research report for them on possible business opportunities available from bilateral agreements between migrant-sending and receiving countries.

Chen Qi Hang

Oliver Wyman

Chen Qi Hang (Global Affairs Class of 2019) will be starting work post-graduation as a Risk Analyst at Oliver Wyman, the business management consultancy with 50+ offices around the world.

Vivek Ganesh

Transparency International

Vivek Ganesh (Global Affairs Class of 2019) will be starting a new job in September 2019 as a research analyst in the Research and Knowledge division in the Transparency International Secretariat. He will be tasked with conducting research and compiling data on polity indexes and collaborating with human rights organizations affiliated with the Transparency International chapters. The position is based out of Bangkok and will focus primarily on the Asia-Pacific region.

Denise See


Denise See (Global Affairs Class of 2019) has been accepted into Salesforce’s Success Graduate Program 2019 where she will first acquire official industry-standard Salesforce certifications and then get to choose from full-time roles ranging from functional consultant to portfolio success manager, depending on her inclinations and skill-sets.

Yejin Park

INSEAD Asia Campus

Yejin Park (Global Affairs Class of 2019) is joining the research staff at INSEAD assisting faculty from the Marketing and the Organizational Behavior areas with their research projects.