The Centre for International & Professional Experience (CIPE) at Yale-NUS offers internship opportunities for the most prominent and varied places: international organisations (IGOs), non-governmental organisations (NGOs), public sector organisations, consulting firms, etc. You can find details on all these opportunities here.

  FAQs about Internships in Global Affairs  

Julia Chin (Class of 2020)

What I did in the summer of 2019

Julia Chin (GA Class of 2020) spent a productive summer interning at Ashoka Singapore, a non-profit organization, as a Venture and Impact Intern. A large bulk of her work involved the selection of potential social enterprises to be part of the Ashoka Fellowship. This involved conducting interviews with the founders of enterprises, doing background research on the industry they are working in and how their solutions try to solve existing problems. Julia reports that she really enjoyed her internship, as she learnt how to critically evaluate an organization and how to craft good questions.

Alysha Park (Class of 2020)

What I did in 2019

In Semester 1 of AY2019/2020, Alysha Park (Class of 2020) started a new part-time research consultant position with We are Caring, a Singapore-based social enterprise and migrant recruitment agency that seeks to disrupt the Asian migrant domestic worker industry by using a no-fee business model for migrant workers. She is writing a research report for them on possible business opportunities available from bilateral agreements between migrant-sending and receiving countries.

Inez Lim (Class of 2021)

What I did in 2019

In Semester 1 of AY2019/2021, Inez Lim (GA Class of 2021) pursued a full-time internship with Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a Partners Communications Intern. Prior to that, she interned with Temasek Holdings over the summer of 2019, where she worked on the Temasek Review 2019. As part of the Charts workstream, she supported the charts making process. The charts can be found here.

Chloe Lim (Class of 2021)

What I did in the summer of 2019

Chloe Lim (GA Class of 2021) interned in New York City at BE MORE America as a communications and research assistant this past summer. BE MORE America is a data and content company that designs programs to promote diversity and inclusion at the workplace. During her time at BE MORE, Chloe assisted in marketing strategy and search engine optimization (SEO) research, and also managed to put together a video microcapsule series for BE MORE’s publicity. You can check out her recent work on their social media pages —> or on her portfolio:

Marusa Godina

What I did in the summer of 2017: Research internship at the American Chamber of Commerce in Slovenia

I was a summer research intern at the American Chamber of Commerce in Ljubljana, Slovenia. While there, I conducted research for the Investment Committee and the Circular and Sharing Economy Committee, drafted a position paper on Airbnb regulations in Slovenia, and prepared a brief on “blockchain technology” and its potential to contribute to Slovenian economy and society at large.

Tiffany Ip

What I did in the summer of 2017: Pursuing my interests in business and politics

Over the summer, I was an analyst intern at Goldman Sachs. I worked with the Private Wealth Management Operations division where I carried out client due diligence research to ensure compliance with regulatory and anti-money laundering measures. Additionally, I also volunteered with the World Federation of United Nations Association to teach about the United Nations to young students in Seoul, South Korea.

Chen Qi Hang

What I did in the summer of 2017: Research internship at Asia Society

I was conducting research over the summer at Asia Society’s Center on U.S.-China Relations in New York. Specifically, I maintained and updated ChinaFile, an online publication dedicated to news and analyses pertaining to China, and contributed to a new monograph for the “Foreign NGO in China Project” that analyzed the impact of China’s new law on registering foreign NGOs.

Vivek Ganesh

What I did in the summer of 2017: Think-tank research and inter-faith dialogue

I interned at the Singapore Institute of International Affairs and helped plan the 2nd ASEAN-Myanmar Forum focusing on Myanmar’s economy and Southeast Asia’s regional market integration. I was also involved in Harmony Centre, an inter-faith organization, and focused my work there on Malay-Muslim identity in Singapore and on contributing to the larger conversation about Islamic identity in the region.

Anjali Hazra

What I did in the summer of 2017: Research intern and data collection

I was a summer research intern at a Southeast Asian political risk consulting firm where I tracked policy developments for clients and supported the organization of a “Digital Economy” program for high-level ASEAN government officials. I was also a research associate for Prof. Risa Toha and compiled literature review and collated data on Indonesian elections.

Jermaine Pan

What I did in the summer of 2017: Research intern at George P. Johnson

I was a summer research intern at George P. Johnson, a global experiential marketing firm headquartered in the United States. During the internship, I worked on digital and physical marketing activations for multinational clients across diverse industries, including Amazon Web Services, Toyota and Schneider Electric. I was also given the opportunity to author an important brand guidebook for Toyota that will be published for their distributors around the world.

Yejin Park

What I did in the summer of 2017: Research assistant

Under CIPE’s Summer Research Program, I assisted Prof. Lei Yu-hsiang  and Prof. Xia Xing on their largely quantitative research. For Prof. Lei, I collected data on the world’s 62 oil producing nations to better understand how oil revenues affect the country’s potential to be involved in war. My responsibilities for Prof. Xia consisted of gathering data from Chinese water utilities’ websites as well as comparing Chinese water quality standards with that of other global standards.

Given that both studies were in their early stages, I got a glimpse of what “real” research is – you’re a detective with a bunch of incomplete tools, trying to piece the clues together to shed light on a mystery. On the side, I also consolidated Japanese literature on the nation’s water resource management and flood prevention policies for Dr. Cecilia Tortajada and Dr. Joon Chua at the NUS Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy.

Jason Carlo Ong Carranceja

What I did in the summer of 2017: Teaching internship with the Mathematics Trainers' Guild of the Philippines

I just finished my third year of teaching internship with the Mathematics Trainers’ Guild of the Philippines, training primary Filipino students who are heading to various international math contests in Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe. Around 20 of my students competed in a regional competition in Singapore in August 2017 that was organised by the International Mathematics Contest Union.

Tamara Burgos

What I did in the summer of 2017: Research internship at the Organization of American States (OAS)

This summer, I was a full-time intern at the Secretariat for Multidimensional Security at the Organization of American States (OAS). This internship challenged my perspectives. It made me reconsider the role that government-based institutions play in ensuring peace, development and prosperity. Moreover, it encouraged me to let go of assumptions and broadened my understanding of politics and diplomacy.

Read more about my experience below.

Marusa Godina

What I did in the summer of 2016: Consulting Intern at ThinkPlace Singapore

Last summer I interned at ThinkPlace, a strategic design consultancy that aims to create public value through design thinking. I’m passionate about governance and public policy. However, I feel that the public sector often lacks the agility and innovative spirit to come up with citizen-centric solutions. Learning design thinking was a great way of learning a methodology for developing innovative solutions of public value. This internship provided an opportunity to meet public sector representatives regularly and understand the policy implementation challenges that they face daily. I have learnt a variety of analytical as well as creative skills and I have been inspired to consider management consulting for the public sector as a career.

Kaushik Swaminathan

What I did in the summer of 2015: Internship at BBC's South Asia Bureau

I interned with the BBC’s South Asia bureau in New Delhi as a researcher and producer. I worked with the Newsgathering team to cover more than 12 stories including India’s insurgency in Myanmar, the murders of secular bloggers in Bangladesh and International Yoga Day. During my last week, I pitched and produced a package on Delhi’s water mafia that ran on BBC World and Radio. My interest and experience in writing and Global Affairs allowed me to successfully contribute to the news team’s operations, and develop contacts in the industry for future opportunities.