The ‘Other Globalization’ : The Legitimacy of Internationalization in Asia

18 January 2017 (Wed), 6.00pm – 8.00pm
At Tan Chin Tuan Lecture Theatre

Meg Rithmire is an assistant professor at Harvard Business School. Professor Rithmire holds a PhD in Government from Harvard University, and her primary expertise is in the comparative political economy of development with a focus on China. Her first book, Land Bargains and Chinese Capitalism (Cambridge University Press, 2015), examines the role of land politics, urban governments, and local property rights regimes in the Chinese economic reforms. A new project, for which Meg is conducting research in Asia 2017-2018, investigates why, when, and how Asian countries have opened to globalisation over the past thirty years. The research has two components; first, examining government policies that facilitate the internationalisation of domestic firms, and, second, understanding firm strategies for managing transnational investments, especially in emerging and frontier markets where political and institutional uncertainties abound. Her work has also been published in World Politics, the China Quarterly, and Politics and Society.