Contemporary Dynamics in India-China Relations

14 November 2017 (Tue), 6:30PM-8:00PM
At Saga Lecture Theatre 1

India-China relations are undergoing a period of stress, most recently evident in the military standoff on the border with Bhutan. As both nations develop and China seeks a larger role in the world, her relations with India—whose own definition of interests is expanding—will also change, and affect the wider region. Mr. Menon will discuss these and other dimensions of the India-China relationship.

Shivshankar Menon is a former Foreign Secretary of India and former National Security Adviser to the Prime Minister of India. In a foreign service career spanning 37 years, he served as India’s ambassador or high commissioner to Israel, Sri Lanka, China, and Pakistan, in addition to postings in Japan and Austria. He is the author of Choices: Inside the Making of Indian Foreign Policy (Brookings and Penguin Random House, 2016). He is a Distinguished Fellow at the Brookings Institution in Washington, D.C. and Chairman of the Advisory Board of the Institute of Chinese Studies in New Delhi.