SEAREG-in-Asia Conference

12 December 2018 (Wed),
At LT1

Two of the Global Affairs faculty, Prof. Risa Toha and Prof. Steven Oliver (together with Prof. Guillem Riambaut from Economics) are co-hosting the second SEAREG-in-Asia conference at Yale-NUS from December 11-13 in LT1 with the generous support of Yale-NUS, SEAREG, and the Henry Luce Foundation. Professor Steven Wilkinson from Yale University will deliver the state of the discipline keynote address and Professor Ooi Kee Beng from the Penang Institute will deliver the state of the region address. The papers are now available for download on the SEAREG website, along with additional information about the conference. Students interested in pursuing a PhD in political science and who want to focus on Southeast Asia are particularly encouraged to attend. Yale-NUS faculty/students do not need to formally register, but it is assumed that everyone will have read the papers being presented.