Migrants, Minorities and Populism in Asia

30 October 2019 (Wed), 600pm
At Classroom 15

Thomas Pepinsky is Professor of Government at Cornell University and Nonresident Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution. He specializes in Indonesian and Malaysian politics and his current research focuses on the political economy of identity in Southeast Asia and beyond. He will be giving a lecture on how populists in East and Southeast Asia generally refrain from invoking anti-migrant and anti-minority sentiments as part of their mobilizational strategies. This differentiates them from “exclusionary” populists in Europe, even though many Southeast Asian countries are diverse societies with long histories of migration and ethnic chauvinism. Professor Pepinksy’s talk will use the experiences of East and Southeast Asia to explore the varieties of populism across the world, focusing on how nationalist mobilization and mass incorporation shape popular identity, membership, and populists’ strategies in contemporary democracies.