Global Affairs Capstone Presentations – I

11 March 2020 (Wed), 12:00-2:30pm
At Classroom 2

The Global Affairs seniors (Class of 2020) will be presenting their capstone projects in a 2-part series. The first round of presentations will happen on March 11, starting at 12noon in Classroom 2 (lunch will be provided).

Presentation 1 – 1205-1235 – Teo Qinyi (Supervisor: Chin-Hao Huang)

Title:  Populism and Foreign Policy in Southeast Asia: The Cases of Joko Widodo and Rodrigo Duterte


Presentation 2 – 1235-1305 – Zixing Gu (Supervisor: Chin-Hao Huang)

Title: Signaling in Chinese Foreign Policy: Role of Nationalism on Social Media


Presentation 3 – 1305-1335 – Jasmine Gan (Supervisor: Chin-Hao Huang)

Title: Regime Insecurity and Norm Adoption: The Impact of Domestic Politics on State Socialisation


Presentation 4 – 1335-1405 – Joyce Li (Supervisor: Chin-Hao Huang)

Title: Big Brother of the Region: An Examination of Regional Hegemons’ Treatment of Subordinate States