Costa Rica and the International Court of Justice

11 March 2016 (Fri), 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM
At Performance Hall

On Friday March 11, the Global Affairs Major hosted Costa Rica’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, A. Manuel Gonzalez Sanz. Minister Gonzalez spoke to an audience with students and distinguished guests about Costa Rica’s use of the International Court of Justice to settle a territorial dispute with Nicaragua. In his role as Minister of Foreign Affairs for Costa Rica, Mr. Gonzalez has led effective and coordinated involvement with the country’s strategic partners around the world. Previously, he has served as Minister of Foreign Trade of Costa Rica and worked as Costa Rica’s Ambassador to the United Nations. In his various capacities he has conducted multilateral trade negotiations with the World Trade Organization, the United States, and regional partners. As a practitioner of global governance, he brought an important perspective to the community about the interconnected world of diplomacy and the ways in which peaceful settlement can be reached.