• Previous Month, 11 May 2018

    Student Spotlight: Joshua Leong (’18) was awarded the Tan Ming Seng Prize for Chinese Studies for his capstone project on how the Chinese cultural concept of mianzi or ‘face’ influenced Chinese status seeking and China’s behaviour in bilateral relations.

  • Previous Month, 20 Oct 2017

    Faculty and Student Spotlight: Tamara Burgos (’18) and Jermaine Pan (’18) contributed to Local Encounters in a Global City (Ethos Books, 2017), a collection of first-person essays that explores and documents different globalized spaces in Singapore as part of a GA core course, “Globalization on the Ground,” led by Prof. Anju Paul.

  • Previous Month, 08 Sep 2017

    Faculty and Student Spotlight: Prof. Anju Paul and Pearlyn Neo’s article on pregnancy protection laws and migrant workers in Hong Kong has just been published in the Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies. Several of our GA students joined Prof. Paul for a CIPE-sponsored “Learning-Across-Boundaries” trip to Hong Kong in 2015 to conduct surveys on rights awareness that formed the basis of the paper’s findings.

  • Previous Month, 31 Aug 2017

    Student Spotlight: Marusa Godina (’18) was a summer research intern at the American Chamber of Commerce in Ljubljana, Slovenia. She conducted research for the Investment Committee and the Circular and Sharing Economy Committee, drafted a position paper on Airbnb regulations in Slovenia, and prepared a brief on “blockchain technology” and its potential to contribute to Slovenian economy and society at large.

  • Previous Month, 25 Aug 2017

    Student spotlight: Tiffany Ip (’18) was a summer analyst intern at Goldman Sachs and carried out client due diligence research to ensure compliance with regulatory and anti-money laundering measures. She also volunteered with the World Federation of United Nations Association in Seoul, South Korea.

  • Previous Month, 25 Aug 2017

    Student spotlight: Chen Qi Hang (’19) carried out summer research at the Asia Society in New York and contributed to a new monograph for the “Foreign NGO in China Project” that analyzed the impact of China’s new law on registering foreign NGOs.

  • Previous Month, 14 Aug 2017

    Student spotlight: Anjali Hazra (’18) was a research intern at a Southeast Asian political risk consulting firm where she tracked policy developments for clients and supported the organization of a “Digital Economy” program for high-level ASEAN government officials.

  • Previous Month, 06 Aug 2017

    Student spotlight: Jermaine Pan (’18) was a research intern at George P. Johnson, a global experiential marketing firm and worked on digital and physical marketing activations for multinational clients across diverse industries, including Amazon Web Services, Toyota and Schneider Electric.

  • Previous Month, 07 Aug 2017

    • Student spotlight: Vivek Ganesh (’19) interned at the Singapore Institute of Int’l Affairs and helped plan the 2nd ASEAN-Myanmar Forum. Vivek was also involved in Harmony Centre and worked on Malay-Muslim identity in Singapore and Islamic identity in the region.

  • Previous Month, 02 Aug 2017

    Student spotlight: Kaushik Swaminathan (’18) spent the summer in New York founding, a venture capital firm for student innovators addressing problems in the global food system.