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    • Global Affairs is a multidisciplinary major within the Social Sciences that focuses on the study of global issues and global solutions in an increasingly interconnected world.

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    • Yale-NUS students learn about Global Affairs during informal lunch discussions.

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    • Global Affairs is supported by a diverse set of faculty with expertise in a wide range of topics. Get to know them today!

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    • Our students engage with Global Affairs outside the classroom through internships, study abroad opportunities, and involvement in student organisations. Check out these exciting opportunities!

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  • 06 May 2019

    Student News: Congratulations to Vivek Ganesh (Class of 2019) who will be starting a new job in September as a research analyst in the Research and Knowledge division in the Transparency International Secretariat. Vivek will be tasked with conducting research and compiling data on polity indexes and collaborating with human rights organizations affiliated with the Transparency International chapters. The position is based out of Bangkok and will focus primarily on the Asia-Pacific region.

  • 07 May 2019

    Student News: Congratulations are in order to Helena Auerswald (Global Affairs Class of 2019) for being awarded the Outstanding Capstone Project in Global Affairs. Helena’s capstone project explored the tactics adopted by Cambodia (as a secondary state) as it seeks to navigate the increasing rivalry in Southeast Asia between the United States as the region’s established power and China as the rising power. In addition, Helena has also been awarded the Class of 2017 Award which recognizes the graduating student who is voted by their peers as having contributed the most towards the College. Congratulations, Helena!

  • 18 February 2019

    Student News: Congratulations are in order to Joshua Leung (Global Affairs Class of 2018) for being accepted into the University of Southern California’s PhD Program in Political Science and International Relations! Joshua’s capstone (supervised by Prof. Chin-Hao Huang), “The Cybernetics Model and Status Seeking Strategies in China,” won the the 2018 Tan Ming Seng Prize for Chinese Studies. Congratulations, Joshua!

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    • Assistant Professor
    • Chin-Hao Huang
    What sets Global Affairs students apart from the rest?

    In Global Affairs, we strive to understand the underlying causes and consequences of transnational socio-economic, political, and development challenges. Our curriculum prepares students with important skill sets that enable them to thrive in the private and public sectors after Yale-NUS. Most notably, Global Affairs majors are critical thinkers who are equipped with competencies in linking theory to practice and who understand their role as responsible, global citizens.

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    • Assistant Professor
    • Steven Matthew Oliver
    What is the best reason for coming to study Global Affairs at Yale-NUS?

    The best reasons to come to Yale-NUS College to study Global Affairs are the community of scholars and the quality of interaction that is possible between students and faculty. The community of scholars in Global Affairs at Yale-NUS is made up of a new and active faculty with training from top academic programmes in their respective fields and with cutting-edge research on pressing global issues. While other programmes may boast a larger number of faculty, there are few who can offer the ratio of faculty to students as Global Affairs at Yale-NUS College. This difference is important in fostering frequent and quality interaction between students and faculty. Students have greater opportunity to consult faculty outside of the classroom, more time to discuss ideas, collaborate on projects and build lasting relationships not only with their peers but also with faculty.

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    • Senior Lecturer
    • Nancy Webster Gleason
    What are the advantages of researching Global Affairs issues in Singapore?

    Global Affairs is an exciting field – everything from migration, to shipping, to security, to trade, to development is explored! Global Affairs majors at Yale-NUS College learn about trans-boundary issues and challenges from an interdisciplinary perspective. Courses draw from Singapore’s global connections, and apply both theory and practice in the classroom. For example, students studying global governance are able to consider the role of APEC, which is headquartered here in Singapore. Our faculty train students in critical thinking, problem-solving and communication by applying innovative approaches to teaching. And we work closely with students to advise them on study abroad options, summer internships, capstone research and ultimately their next steps after college. Global Affairs is a timely and flexible major to prepare students for a complex and interconnected world.

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